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"Male hair loss shows obvious visual signs of progress"

Male hair loss starts when secretion of testosterone is increased after puberty.
Along with the aging process, hair gets thinner and loss of hair begins in a distinct pattern,
usually with center back and temporal part of the head unaffected.

Cause of Male Hair Loss

Hair-thinning phenomenon

Healthy hair becomes

thin and weak

Shortened growth period

Increased number of hairs

in resting phase

Shrinking follicles

Follicles' malfunction leads

to inadequate nutrition

Male hair loss

Hair falls out before

its full growth cycle

Types of Male Hair Loss
M Shape Pattern

Most common type of hair loss, caused mainly by heredity

This type of hair loss requires consistent care as it is considered incurable.

O Shape Pattern

A case commonly caused by excess heat released from the scalp. Hair becomes thinner on the center area of the head before falling out. It is a type of hair loss that may be treated relatively quickly.

U Shape Pattern Hair Loss

This inherited type of hair loss is caused by shrunk hair roots that no longer grow full hair when scalp cellular structures transform into those of facial tissues. Its symptom shows a sign of receding hairline which is also incurable, therefore needing constant treatments.

M Shape + O Shape Pattern Hair Loss

A combination receding hairline and hair loss on the crown area

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