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  • Aesthetic Clinic | BK Medical Singapore

    Acne FAQ About Treatments Consultation Shop TV Media Ariticle & Press Contact More Globalizing beyond Korea, BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic Beauty Korea in Singapore 한국BK성형외과 싱가폴분원 싱가폴의 유일한 한국 성형외과전문의가 운영하는 성형클리닉 Book Consultation Book Treatment Committed to delivering results-oriented aesthetics and treatments. “ " - John TREATMENTS We offer a variety of treatments and procedures, find out more by clicking on the different treatments we offer before booking an appointment with us or if you already know what you want, what are you waiting for? Laser Treatment Fillers Botox Skin Tightening Hair Loss Treatment Lip Scar Revision Skin Rejuvenation Korean Skin Therapy BK Signature Program Book Treatment OUR DOCTORS Dr. Sy Lilin Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Kim Byung Gun Founder and Director, BK Medical Group Pte. Ltd. Dr. Rexon C.K Ngim Sennior Consultant Plastic Surgeon Read More OUR PRODUCTS Quick View HIFU Price S$850.00 Add to Cart Quick View RF Microneedling Price S$699.00 Add to Cart Quick View Picolaser (1st Trial) Price S$85.00 Add to Cart Quick View Filler - Undereye Price S$688.00 Add to Cart Quick View HIFU Price S$850.00 Add to Cart Quick View RF Microneedling Price S$699.00 Add to Cart Quick View Picolaser (1st Trial) Price S$85.00 Add to Cart Quick View Filler - Undereye Price S$688.00 Add to Cart View More BK CLIENT SELFIE

  • Acne | BK Medical Singapore

    BK Specialised Acne Treatments in Singapore Between adolescence and middle age, acne problems may worsen. Scarring could result from acne. The issue can be address ass soon as possible. Book your appointment now with BK Aesthetic clinic for treatment. Acne is a condition that starts during adolescence and can last far into a person's twenties to thirties. It is frequently disregarded but can leave physical and psychological scars. Acne that develops as an adult usually starts in one's 20s or 30s and lasts much past that age. Acne is a rather well-understood medical condition that is mostly brought on by the buildup of dead skin cells, bacterial infection, and unchecked inflammation. Acne is known to be caused by hormonal impacts, genetic variables, and even hypothetical dietary implications. The best course of action is early intervention because less acne means less scarring, which will save you valuable time and money later on when you try to remove those bothersome scars. Our Treatments Topical Application Oral Medication Pico Carbon Laser Chemical Peels Aquasure Facial Steroid Injection Rejuran Healer

  • Pico Laser Trial | BK Medical Singapore

    Pico Laser 1 st trial ($85 nett ) Treatments / Pico Laser Trial / What is Pico Laser? Our signature Pico laser represents the cutting edge of laser technology known as short-pulse lasers. ​ Compared to nanosecond lasers (one billionth of a second), picosecond lasers (one trillionth of a second) offer greater photoacoustic effect versus photothermal effect and, consequently, are associated with fast, efficacious and safe treatments. ​ The picosecond pulse duration can shatter endogenous and exogenous macro-pigment particles into much finer micro-pigment particles, allowing more efficient macrophage clearance. ​ This non-ablative laser is performed mostly on face and neck but can also be performed on other parts of the body. ​ Lightening of pigmentation including freckles, age spots (senile lentigos), sun spots (solar lentigos), Hori’s naevus, melasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation Expectations of Pico laser treatment Reduction of enlarged pores and acne scars ​ Reduction of enlarged pores and acne scars Improved skin texture Tattoo removal Skin rejuvenation and collagen production Advantages Pico laser treatment: Reduction of enlarged pores and acne scars ​ Minimal downtime Non-surgical Very safe Good for reducing enlarged pores and reducing acne scars HEXA Microlens Array Technology or HEXA MLA The HEXA MLA (micro lens array) consists of multiple hexagonal focusing lenses. With the energy intensity of each fractionated beam converging at the center of the beam, it delivers stronger energy to the target. ​ Delivery of this high-intensity energy via the ultra-short pulse duration creates Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) in the skin. The plasma generation induces cavitation beyond the simple photomechanical effect. Enquire Now Whatsapp 9389 7749 Name Email Phone Treatment arrow&v Remarks Submit Thanks for submitting!

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