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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Where is BK Aesthetic Clinic located?

BK Aesthetic Clinic.
100 Tras Street,

100am Shopping Mall, 4th Floor.
Near Tanjong Pagar MRT station (Exit A)
Singapore 079027

Where is BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea located?

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
BK building, 106 Dosandaero, 

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 06038

Right at the exit2, Sinsa Subway Station
Phone +82 2 544 0404

What is the opening hour for BK Aesthetic Clinic?

Our operating hours are:

Monday: 10am–6pm

Tue, Wed, Thu: 10am–7pm

Friday: 10am–8pm

Saturday: 10am–2pm

Sunday, Public holiday: Closed

How do I make appointment at BK Aesthetic Clinic?

You can contact, whatsapp and email us to book your appointment.
Whatsapp: +65 9389 7749
                          +65 9113 4001
Clinic call: +65 6397 5550

BK Aesthetic Clinic and BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea are under the same company?

Yes, Dr. Kim Byung Gun is the founder and director of both BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea and BK Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore. We are under one company and the same management and director. All the customers in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea can enjoy Aesthetic treatment in BK Singapore, and all the customers in BK Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore can enjoy the plastic surgeries in BK Korea.

Is there a minimum age requirement for your treatments at BK Aesthetic Clinic?

Customers who above 21 years old are allowed to sign the consent form by their own. However, customers who below 21 years old need accompany by their guardian.

How much is the consultation Fee for BK Aesthetic Clinic?

Consultation fee is $80. If you purchase the fee for treatment, consultation fee is waived. All the patients who have treatment in BK Aesthetic Clinic, consultation fee is free of charge.

Does BK Aesthetic Clinic have male and female Doctor and Therapist?

Here we have female doctor. We do have male and female therapists, customer has right to choose their preference.

Is BK Aesthetic Clinic's treatments painless?

Some treatments might have a little painful sensation, but we will provide the numbing cream or local anaesthesia before the treatment in order to reduce the level of the pain. However, some treatments customer will not feel painful at all.

What kind of technology does BK Aesthetic Clinic use?

We do import our machine for treatment from presentable and trustful company. We serve the treatment using the most updated machines and Lasers from Korean company which has license and registration in Singapore Ministry of Health.

What modes of payment are accepted at BK Aesthetic Clinic?

We accept NETs, UOB credit card, bank transfer, paynow, shopee pay and grab pay.

Is BK Aesthetic Clinic treatment safe?

The treatments in BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic are safe. We try to do our best to serve you the best treatment with the best safety.

What if I am late for my appointment at BK Aesthetic Clinic?

We encourage customer to come for treatment according to their appointment to avoid crush with other customer’s timing. However, if we do have free slot at that specific time, we allow customer to come late.

What is BK Aesthetic Clinic cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy depends on case to case basis. Let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment.

It's my first time at BK Aesthetic Clinic, what should I take note of on my first appointment?

You can ask any question to send whatsapp to us at 9389 7749, 9113 4001, and make appointment when you want to come to BK clinic. We are always trying our best to serve the customers.

What can I expect from the first consultation at BK Aesthetic Clinic?

Consultation is very important before every treatment. During consultation, doctor will analysis customers’ face, communicate to know their concern and give some advices to avoid misunderstanding. And excellent consultant will serve you detailed explanation and answer all the questions of yours.

Can I try first without any commitment at BK Aesthetic Clinic?

Yes, we never pressure the customers. We discourage hard sell to the customers because we hope to have a good relationship with customers.

How many sessions of treatment are necessary for me?

Some treatment can be finished with only one session of treatment. And sometimes lasers and some treatment need several sessions to get the best result. You will be advised during the consultation about the number of sessions needed for each type of treatment.

Do I need to avoid sunlight after treatment?

The procedures of injections like filler, Gouri do not need sunscreen and avoidance of UV light. But the procedures of lasers usually requires sunscreen application. It is better to avoid sunlight and UV rays. We can recommend the best sunscreen creams for you to avoid sunlight.

How long do I need for recovery period after treatment?

Usually the aesthetic procedures do not need long recovery period. After most of the aesthetic treatments, you can get normal life on the day of treatment. Some procedures have short period of time to get recovered from a little bruise or light swelling. And the amount and duration of swelling or bruise etc may depends on each person’s physical conditions.

How do I make reservation for surgery in BK Plastic surgery hospital Korea?

You can visit BK Aesthetic Clinic Singapore and get informations for the plastic surgery procedures. And you can discuss with consultant, and can make reservation of surgery for you. BK Aesthetic Clinic doctor and staffs will help you to make all the necessary preparations of your surgery in BK Korea. When you confirm your reservation, the date and time of your surgery is confirmed and preparation of your surgery in BK Korea will be made for you.

Can I come back to Singapore earlier after surgery in BK Plastic surgery hospital Korea and have some treatment after surgery or stitch removal in BK Singapore?

After you have surgery in BK Korea, you may come back to Singapore earlier and get treatment after surgery and stitch removal and follow up in BK clinic Singapore.

Is my personal information secure with BK Aesthetic Clinic?

We never disclose customer’s personal information to third party. Confidentiality is very important for every customer.

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