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Skin Tightening - Doublo Lifting

Doublo Lifting
  1. Collagen remodelling and SMAS contraction in single treatment

  2. More precise and longer treatment term

Doublo HIFU Facial Tightening

The Doublo High Intensity Focused Ultrasound system is a revolutionary system from Korea utilising sound waves at different layers of the skin to tighten it in multiple depths. Doublo uses precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves,then focuses heat on the correct soft tissue layers. By focusing on these layers of tissue, the body's regenerative response is to restore a toned and tight appearance to the skin.

Having the ultrasound waves concentrated on soft tissues of the neck, chin, and face, new collagen grows over time, providing you with a younger appearance minus the invasiveness of a surgical procedure. Double effect from Collagen regeneration and SMAS contraction in 1 treatment.

Advantage of Doublo S

What are the benefits of Doublo?

The advantages of Doublo treatments are for smoothing and tightening neck and facial skin.

Great benefits of Doublo include:

  • Less downtime and pain than when a patient has a full facelift surgical procedure.

  • Doublo can be performed in two hours or less.

  • Simple non-invasive way for toning loose skin.

  • Patients are able to tolerate the treatment well with minimal discomfort

  • Doublo is less costly than traditional facelift surgery.

  • Foreign substances are not used.

  • It is non-invasive. There are not any surgical incisions.

  • Short-term boosts give a more natural look.

  • - As collagen will build over time, more elastic skin will be created.

Treatment information
  • Who can be treated with the neosys plus laser?
    The laser treatment is suitable for any race, age or gender. The Neosys Plus treatment is ideal for the treatment of brown age spots. freckles, brown birthmarks, uneven pigments, Nevus of Ota Seborrheic Keratosis, Melasma, enlarged pores, smoothes out uneven skintones, improves line rinkles and tattoo removal.
  • ls the neosys plus laser procedure safe?
    Neosys Plus Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers with top hat beam profile and steady beam quality are the safest laser available today for any skin color. The laser beam only react selectively to pigment and destroy it without damaging to the tissue.
  • ls the neosys plus laser procedure painful?
    Neosys Plus laser emits light in very short pulses and delivers the light quickly in billionths of a second at very high energy. Many people tolerate the laser treatment well and describe the feeling of tingling sensation. No Topical anesthesia cream is required.
  • How many treatment sessions are needed?
    Pigmented Lesions are removed within 1 to 2 sessions. Skin Toning / Soft Laser Peel are done weekly for 6 to 10 sessions. Professional tattoos require 6 - 8 sessions. Amateur tattoos require 3 to 6 sessions.
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