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Skin Tightening - Thread Lifting

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Thread Lifting

Thread lifting is an innovative facial rejuvenation procedure designed to gently elevate sagging cheeks and jowls

V Thread lifts

This treatment is a highly advanced system from Korea for lifting the subcutaneous layers of the skin in the face. It is a non-surgical version of the traditional facelift in which special threads attach to the underside of the skin and ‘pull' the skin upwards and tighter together. Only injections are required with no skin incision. This is effective for mild to moderate facial sagging and is useful to create the "V-Line" of the face. The jowls look lifted and the chin will look more V-shaped. As an added benefit, the cheeks will be more "Apple-shaped" and rounder. The process takes about an hour, and there may be a few days to of minor bruising and discomfort. The immediately lifted appearance will settle over about 1-2 weeks to become very natural result.

Treatment information
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